We sell new and reclaimed carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are mainly used in office spaces and are useful if there is spillage on a tile as the stained tile can be uplifted individually and replaced, therefore, we always recommend buying a few extra to use as spares.

New tiles are ordered in specifically to meet your individual technical specification, i.e. anti-static, and colour requirements. We offer a FREE measuring service then our sales team would work out a quote for you for supply and fit.

Our reclaimed tiles are used tiles that have been removed from offices (thus saving landfill space). We offer a landfill diversion certificate for companies who would like one. The reclaimed carpet tiles come in 3 grades:

B Grade: Very good condition carpet tiles. Popular with voluntary sector offices and shops and for use in home offices and gyms and for any business who want to save money and the environment. £0.80 each. (most tiles measure 50 x 50cm so would cost £3.20 per sqm).

C Grade: Marked and stained carpet tiles. Popular for various domestic uses such as in cupboards, storage rooms, soundproofing walls or for company warehouses etc. £0.40 each. (most tiles measure 50 x 50cm so would cost £1.60 per sqm).

D Grade: Heavily marked and stained carpet tiles. Popular for gardening projects and garages or anything else you can think of! FREE OF CHARGE!!!

All of our carpet tiles are available for collection/delivery or a full fitting service.