There’s a reason why most of our business comes through word of mouth

Excellence is our goal and that’s why we thrive by providing volunteering, training and work opportunities for people who have been excluded from work and the wider community.

From our helpful showroom sales staff to our friendly warehouse staff to our expert carpet fitting team with years of experience, we ensure your job goes smoothly from start to finish.

Spruce aims to deliver value to our customers whilst enriching our in-house team. Here are some of our staff’s stories:


Alan was referred to Spruce Carpets by Govan Job Centre to gain some work experience as he was keen to secure employment after having some health issues.

He came to Spruce as a volunteer in April 2018 and quickly settled into the routine of the warehouse where his time was divided between working within the warehouse and with our rug binder. He was a hardworking and popular member of the team. An opportunity then arose for a Trainee Rug Binder through Community Jobs Scotland which Alan applied for and was successful in securing.

He started his new post in July 2018 and his time was divided between working with the binder and assisting the fitters on occasion. Alan describes those initial months at Spruce as “I liked the fact that coming to Spruce helped get me into a routine and improved my mentality about work”. Alan is now highly skilled at binding, has achieved his fork-lift licence (counterbalance), his CSCS card and can also work in the warehouse or go out with the fitters and assist them with their work.

Such was his development and importance to the organisation that we sought permission from SCVO to increase his hours to full-time from the 25 hours that standard CJF participants do.

With Alan being a major asset to the organisation and a role model for other young people coming on board, Spruce were very keen to keep him on. Alan said “Getting kept on after my CJS placement had me buzzing and it felt great that Spruce had faith in me as an employee”.


Chris was referred to Spruce Carpets by Govan Job Centre to gain some work experience as he was long-term unemployed and wanted to establish some structure and routine in his life as well as increase his self-confidence before attempting to secure paid employment. This is something Chris touches on when he talks about his early days at Spruce, “Coming to Spruce built my self-confidence”

He came to Spruce as a volunteer in August 2018 and gradually settled into the routine of the warehouse where he learned the various tasks under the watchful eye of the Volunteer Mentor. As time went on it became apparent that Chris had an aptitude for all the tasks that he was required to undertake in the warehouse, and more importantly he enjoyed coming to Spruce and wanted to remain here for as long as possible. Spruce were keen to retain his skills and his work ethic and wanted to take Chris on as a paid employee.

After discussion and with help from the Wheatley Pledge, Spruce were able to offer Chris paid employment. He started as a paid employee in August 2019. He continues to grow and develop and is enjoying the additional responsibility he now has as a member of staff. He has also successfully renewed his forklift licence since he started.

Chris is quite rightly proud of getting back into employment after being long-term unemployed and alludes to this when saying “After being unemployed for 13 years it was great to get back into employment and have the opportunity to earn money and help my family financially”. Chris has now grown to be an integral part of the Spruce staff.


Kerryanne started with Spruce Carpets in an Administration/Sales post in July 2017 as part of the Community Jobs Scotland (CJS) programme. This was the first opportunity Kerryanne had to use and consolidate the learning she had acquired after being at college for 3 years where she studied Administration and I.T.

“Although I was delighted to secure a CJS post with Spruce, I was also anxious about it, however having a job where I dealt with the public has helped me manage my anxiety”

With Kerryanne’s CJS post about to come to an end in July 2018 and her having become an integral part of the sales team. With help from the Wheatley Pledge we were able to extend Kerryanne’s post for 6 months and this allowed her to continue developing her skills within the workplace as well as undertaking her NVQ Level 2 in Retail Skills which she successfully achieved.

Spruce were then able to offer Kerryanne a permanent contract of employment. She continues to work in the Sales office and now is responsible for the organisation’s Social Media and is currently studying towards NVQ Level 2 in Digital Promotion through Kelvin College.

“Having been at Spruce for almost 3 years I now see myself as having a career path and am thankful to Spruce for providing me with the opportunity to start my journey.”